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Varadis Radiation Detection Sensors Meet NASA Certification

Varadis, the leading provider of high-energy radiation detection sensors, is pleased to announce that its VT06 RADFET has been certified as a NASA EEE-INST-002 S1 Level 3 screened part. NASA’s EEE-INST-002 S1 Level 3 covers both Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) and Screening to meet EEE-INST- 002 S1 Level 3 (

According to the NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging Program (NEPP) in its description of the product assurance classes, "Level 3 contains many advanced electronic functions (from a space flight applications standpoint) and has been created to provide a technology insertion path into NASA flight projects.” The document further states: “The intent of Level 3 listings is to provide products that are newer, have greater functionality and enhanced performance characteristics, and provide higher levels of integration."

“Through the NASA Level 3 Screening Process, the performance and suitabilty of Varadis sensors for radiation detection in space has yet again been tested and has passed with flying colors,” says Brad Wrigley, Varadis CEO. “We are honored to be the radiation dosimetry partner of choice for the most progressive space exploration companies across the globe.”

Due to the Varadis RADFET’s ability to accurately measure significant doses of absorbed ionizing radiation (up to 10 kGy/1 Mrad) without requiring power, Varadis radiation detection sensors are currently about the International Space Station and a multitude of agency satellites.

In addition to their use in space communications and exploration, Varadis radiation detection sensors are used in physics research, medical, security and public safety applications.