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The density of fixed traps (FTs), Nft (cm−2), during isothermal annealing of irradiated radiation-sensitive field-effect transistors (RADFETs) from room temperature to 200 ◦C has been modelled. The modelling has shown that a simple, two-defect model (2DM), containing two defect types: one defect type for positively charged FTs (PCFTs), and another for negatively charged FTs (NCFTs), is applicable for the temperatures up to 100 ◦C. However, the three-defect model (3DM), which includes additional PCFT type, should be used for temperatures from 100 to 200 ◦C. The models describing the behaviour of NCFTs during isothermal annealing have also been analysed.


Click HERE to download the full The fixed oxide trap modelling during isothermal and isochronal annealing of irradiated RADFETs publication.

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